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Zishan Group was founded in March 1984 and is located in Zhangzhou City, which is known as the "Chinese Food City" and the "Chinese Canned Food Capital" and "Chinese Mushroom Capital" in southern China. After 34 years of rolling development, it has now been completed The food industry chain integrating base construction, production, processing and marketing can process nearly 200,000 tons of various agricultural and sideline products per year. It is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a top ten enterprise in China’s canning industry, and a continuous key enterprise in the national food industry. For many years, it has been appraised as "large taxpayer" by Zhangzhou City Government.

Zishan focuses on food production and export. Its products include canned food, pickles, curry, mineral water, frozen aquatic products, fruit and vegetable concentrates, mushroom factory planting and other major categories, mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia and more than 60 world Countries and regions, the export code "Q51" is well-known internationally, especially in Japan, Germany and other countries that have strict requirements on food quality. The market recognition is extremely high. Zishan canned food abroad represents the image of Chinese canned food.

Zishan Group adheres to the mission of "providing safe, healthy, and assured food for the society"; upholding the brand culture creed that "allowing consumers to buy Zishan products equals buying peace of mind, eating Zishan products equals eating healthy", and has always attached importance to food quality and safety management , Has passed ISO9002, HACCP, "Hala", "Kosher", US FDA certification, European BRC (Global Food Technical Standard) and IFS (International Food Standard) certification. Zishan Group has led and participated in the formulation and revision of six national or industry standards, including "Canned Asparagus", "Canned Shellfish" and "Canned Fish". The group has 12 valid patents, including 1 invention patent, and the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements reaches 85%.

At the 2017 Xiamen BRIC Conference, "Purple Mountain Coriander Heart" and "Purple Mountain Yellow Peach Canned Food" were selected as BRIC banquet foods, and "Purple Mountain Products, BRIC Quality" Zishan Foods, which are exported to the international market, were recognized by the international event. The company's production and sales of canned mushrooms, asparagus, and lychee rank among the top in the same industry in the country. Zishan Tomato Juice was rated as "China's Canned Food Innovation Product", and Zishan "Bulaoquan" has become Xiamen Airlines' designated beverage.

In recent years, Zishan Group has vigorously extended the industrial chain, invested in the construction of Zishan Edible Fungus Silicon Valley Industrial Park, and is committed to building China's largest and most technologically advanced modern food industry industrial group. At the same time, the company took advantage of coastal geography and the certification of exporting EU seafood (only three in Zhangzhou), added 2 new fish fillet production lines, engaged in the development and comprehensive utilization of high-end canned fish, the project is the first in Fujian Province, and the technology reaches the province. Advanced level and significant market competitive advantage.

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Company Honors

★National Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization by eight national ministries

★National Demonstration Project for Agricultural Products Deep Processing Project by The National Development & Reform Commission

★National Key Enterprises for Emergency Goods, by The Ministry of Commerce

★First and Seventh National Contract Abiding-by & Trustworthy Enterprise, by National Industry and Commerce Administration

★China Top Ten Cannery Enterprise (Export)

★AA Grade Credit Enterprise by CIQ

★Top Ten Enterprise in 2014 China Food Safety Annual Meeting, by the Meeting's Organizer

★Provincial Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization, Gold Medal of the Fujian Province Agricultural Brand Enterprise, The Best Credit Enterprise In Fujian Province, by Fujian Provincial Government